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Ben & Jessica venue visit at Hendall Manor Barns

So today saw me off for a venue visit with Ben & Jessica who are getting married at Hendall Manor Barns near Heron’s Ghyll next month. It was my first time visiting Hendall Manor Barns and I have to say it’s an lovely place and Peter and Nicola the owners have clearly spent a lot of time and effort getting things just right and I’m really looking forward to photographing Ben & Jessica’s wedding here.

So after a good chat through the details of their day we went for a walk round the venue to have a good look around and look at where the ceremony was to be held and where were the best places for photos. As I had my camera with me I thought it would be great opportunity to take some photos of the happy couple while we were there. Despite being a bit uncomfortable to start with Ben started to relax as we wandered round and Ben & Jessica showed what a fun couple they were. So nice to see them and look round their venue and I’m really looking forward to their wedding later on in May.


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