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How safe are your wedding photos?


So how safe are your wedding photos? It’s often something that couples don’t think about – how safe are their photos. They hire a professional photographer to photograph one of the most important days of their lives and they expect that their photos will be ready for them to view in the coming months – they don’t think about how safe they are and by hiring a professional they shouldn’t have to. But what if they’re not? What happens if the photographers computer fails or becomes corrupted or what if their pictures are accidently deleted!? The list goes on and unfortunately it does happen – we’ve all had computers breakdown or fail and when it happens files and photos get lost. Taking steps to secure and protect your photos is costly and often something that’s either forgotten or just not done to save money by some photographers – some will just backup to DVD and think that will protect your photos but unfortunately even high cost professional DVDs aren’t usually guaranteed to last any period of time and can easily be scratched or damaged and become unreadable.

We take securing and protecting our clients photos very seriously and have just finished the sizable job of uploading all our photos from the last 5 years to a new secure online backup solution. It’s taken us close to 3 months to upload a whopping 2.6TB of data and some of you might be surprised to learn that this is just an additional step we take rather than being the sole solution. On the evening of your wedding as your partying with your guest we are busy making sure there are not one but three secure copies of your photos before we go to bed with a forth copy of your photos going off site to our new online backup solution overnight. It doesn’t stop there as this level of protection continues after your wedding ensuring if you lose or damage your album or your digital copies of your photos we’ve still got them and we can get replacements for you.

So when your choosing your wedding photographer make sure you ask them how safe your photos will really be.